Tattooing For Beginners: Tips, Tactics, Techniques, and Guide

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Tattooing is a form of art that only a few can master. The love for tattooing is growing around the world. It gives them the freedom to express themselves through their body in the best way. People want to know “how to tattoo yourself as beginners” because they want to learn to tattoo or start a business. Fortunately, tattooing for beginners is not a tough skill.

With focus and determination, you can easily learn how to tattoo for the first time. Therefore, to help you out here, we have a simple guide and some interesting tips to make the tattooing journey easy and fun.

5 Steps On How To Start Tattooing For Beginners

Before you can hold your tattooing, machine and start working, it is essential to know some rules. There are certain things that you will have to decide. Moreover, you need to learn the process of tattooing before starting.  Here is simple step-by-step tattooing for beginners tactics to guide you through the process of tattoo art.

1- Pick Your Style

tattooing for beginners

Before you can start practicing, it is essential to select your style. If you try to learn all styles, it will get difficult to master a single skill. Thus, that is why you can pick from any of these famous types.

  • Traditional
  • Tribal
  • Neo-traditional
  • Japanese
  • Blackwork
  • Realism
  • Geometric
  • Small Tattoo
  • Aesthetic
Pick a style you feel comfortable working with and keep practicing.

2- Improve Your Artistic Abilities

To draw the best tattoos, you have to pay attention to your artistic abilities. Besides that, skills like painting, drawing, digital art, and sketching will surely help you. Moreover, if you know these skills, tattooing will become easier for you. Otherwise, you need to learn any one of these skills to proceed.

3- Start Apprenticeship

Becoming an apprentice will not only allow you to get training from professionals, but it also comes with various other benefits.

  • It will get easier to have your license. In some states, an apprenticeship is necessary for a license.
  • You will develop better skills, and it will help increase your knowledge.
  • An apprenticeship under a famous tattoo artist will help you develop strong connections.

To get an apprenticeship under a famous artist, ensure that you have a strong portfolio. Assure to enter several skills so you can get their attention.

4- Select One Medium

If you work with various mediums like digital art, watercolors, pencil, and more, it will get hard for you to concentrate. Thus, it will be better to focus on a single medium when learning to draw. Working with graphite pencil is a better option.

5- Tattooing Practice On Fake Skin

If you are wondering how to practice tattooing for beginners, using fake skin is the best option. Besides that, you can make mistakes, but your errors will not hurt anyone in the end. It will allow you to improve your skill with time.

5 Basic Tattooing Skills For Beginning Your Journey As A Tattoo Artist

If you are looking for tips on tattooing for beginners, keep on reading. We have combined a set of 5 essential skills that you need to learn. Moreover, once you master these skills, it will be easier for you to experiment with designs. Besides that, you can easily become a professional. Here are 5 basic tattooing for beginners skills that you need to excel.

1- Outlining

Before you start to learn how to tattoo lines, it is essential to prepare stencils. After that, you have to decide the color and technique you will use for lining. Therefore, it is better to start with thin lines, and as you pass, increase the thickness you desire. So, always check the design first and then pick needle, thickness, and ink shade.

2- Shading

Shading is essential to add depth to your tattoo designs. There are various techniques for beginners tattooing shading. Moreover, practice all techniques to find the one you are most comfortable with. Black ink is the best for shading. So, you can add water or white ink to your black ink to create different shades.

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3- Change Color From Dark To Light

Once you become an expert in basic shapes, the next step is to add colors. It will make your tattoos more realistic and interesting.

Always work from dark towards light shades. Besides that, it will prevent your shades from bleeding into each other.

4- Lettering

Tattooing names, letters, and quotes are very famous. You have to practice tattooing letters in different fonts and styles. So, it may take some time but mastering this skill is essential for your business.

5- Needle Depth

After picking the right needle, it is essential to know the accurate depth. Paying attention to needle depth is essential because it will prevent scarring, pain, and blowout. Here are a few things you need to know.

  • The epidermis is the first layer of skin, and tattooing here will make all the ink bleed out. However, a single sunburn and tattoo will be removed.
  • The dermis is the second layer and is known as the sweet spot for tattooing. It helps the ink to stay, and the tattoo will surely last longer.
  • The hypodermis is the fatty layer that is not very stable. So, if your tattoo is in this layer, it will cause blowouts.

Top 5 Books On Tattooing For Beginners

There is a huge variety of books that can help with tattooing for beginners at home. These books contain various types of tricks and tips from professionals that will help with the learning process. As well as you will be able to get ahead of your colleagues with the help of these books.  So, here are the top 5 books you need to know.

  1. Tattoo Textbook by Shelly Dax
  2. The craft of Tattooing by Erick Alayon
  3. Tattoo Basics by C.R.Jordan
  4. Great Book of Tattoo Designs by Lora S. Irish
  5. Tattoo Bible by Superior Tattoo

Always Pay Attention To Hygiene

As a beginner, most artists do not pay attention to hygiene and cleanliness. That is why their customers are not satisfied. Moreover, hygiene is essential for tattooing so you will not spread any type of infection or cause other issues for your customers. To maintain cleanliness, here are a few products you need to have.

  • Disinfectants
  • Disposable needles and gloves
  • Antibacterial soaps
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Skin cleansers

Always guide your customers about the aftercare routine they need to follow to get the best results.

Best Tattooing Equipment For Beginners

After learning all essential skills, the next important thing that requires your attention is tattooing supplies for beginners. As well as, it will be an investment so assure that you buy what you need.  So, here are a few items you will need.

  • Tattoo machine
  • High-quality grips
  • Durable power supply
  • Fake practice skin
  • Storage case
  • Variety of inks
  • Elastic bands
  • Grommets and tips
  • Brushes for cleaning purposes
  • Disposable gloves
Buying the best quality equipment for tattooing at an affordable rate can be an overwhelming task. Getting tattooing starter kits will be the best option. You will get most of the items without any hassle.

DragonHawk Tattoo Machine Kit

The rotatory tattoo device is made with high-quality space aluminum with a powerful custom motor. It has the latest gear system, which guarantees quiet and reliable operation. Well, it is a pen-style, lightweight, and ergonomic-design machine. A variety of cartridge needles, power supply, foot pedal, DC cord, and much more come in the kit.

Market Yourself To Get More Clients

Once you have mastered your skill and got all the required equipment, you must be thinking of starting your business. So, the biggest problem you will face is where you can get clients. To attract customers, you will have to market your skill.

  • Have a strong social media presence. Show your skills to your customers. Moreover, share the type of tattoos you can make and show the work you have done, even if it is on your skin.
  • Spread the word locally. However, tell your friends, colleagues, and relatives about your new skill and business. Therefore, they will surely help you get more customers.
  • Engage with other tattoo artists. You have to get on good terms with professionals already working in your area. Thus, tell them about your tattooing specialty and ask them to refer you to some clients.
  • Give the best customer service. Customer satisfaction is essential for your business to grow. Make sure you design the best tattoos so your customers will visit your shop again and send more people.

If your customer is not satisfied, you can refund or compensate in any other form so they will spread the good word about you.

Bottom Lines:

We hope this tattooing for beginners guide has provided the help that you need. Make sure to follow the right path. Besides that, get help and guidance from professionals around you to assure that you will not make mistakes. We wish you the best of luck for your future journey and hope you become the best tattoo artist in the industry.

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