Tattoo Scarring: Causes, Prevention, And Treatment

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Tattooing can lead to serious skin injuries if not taken care of properly. You have to take your tattoo seriously and responsibly follow the aftercare routine otherwise you will not be able to get the results you want. Tattoo scarring is the worst that can happen after getting a tattoo.


Various reasons can cause scarring in your tattoo. Remember that your tattoo is like an open wound, and a little ignorance can cause dryness, infection, inflammation, and even scarring.

What Is Tattoo Scarring?

It is a condition where you will notice the formation of scars on your tattoo once it starts healing. Once scarring begins, the skin around the tattoo will be inflamed and red. There will be swelling, puffiness, and color distortion in the lines and shading of the tattoo.

What Causes Tattoo Scarring?

Various reasons can lead to the formation of scarred tattoos.


A common cause of scarring is that your artist has overworked on the tattoo, or the needle of the tattoo device has gone deep and disturbed the epidermis. It will slow down the healing process and leads to scar formation.

Peeling The Scabs


Improper aftercare is also a major cause of scarring. Scabbing is normal during tattoo healing. However, if you start peeling the scabs, it will lead to scarring. Therefore, avoid scratching your tattoos.

Make sure to apply moisturizer on your tattoos often so you will not have the desire to itch.


A common cause of tattoo scarring during healing is when you do not pay attention to the sanitation of your tattoo. Thus, you will have to deal with bacterial infections, leading to unpredictable results.

Sensitive Skin

If you have highly sensitive skin, it will be prone to scarring. Thus, it will be better to inform your artist about your skin time, so he can let you know whether you should get a tattoo or not.

Always select trusted and experienced tattoo artists so you will not have to deal with scarring issues.

How To Identify Tattoo Scars

At first, scars may appear like general swelling and infection. However, there are specific signs to help you determine whether your tattoo is scarring or not.

  • Sunken or raised skin
  • Inflammation
  • Redness
  • Distortion of colors

6 Best Tattoo Scarring Treatment

Scars do not heal easily, so it is always better to prevent their occurrence. However, if you already have a scar, there are certain ways you can fix it. Using these ways, the scar will disappear with time.

1- Apply Ointment

Regularly apply the Ointment to reduce the appearance of the scar. Moreover, do not forget to apply sunscreen so that your scar will not darken once you start applying Ointment.

Revive Sunscreen Protector

Revive Sunscreen Protector

This SPF 50 lightweight sunscreen is perfect for protecting your tattoos. It is ultra-transparent and protects against UVB and UVA rays.

2- Use Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has amazing healing properties as well as it is ideal for the treatment of burns and scars. Apply it on tattoo scar for quick healing and extra moisturization.

3- Apply Moisturizer

As soon as you get a tattoo, it is essential to keep it moisturized. If you do not apply moisturizer properly, it will lead to dryness and scarring. On the other hand, if you have a scar, moisturization can reduce the further hardening of scars, and proper hydration can help with quick recovery. Using good-quality moisturizer will make your scar less visible.


Clé de Peau Beauté Moisturizer

The lightweight moisturizer with SPF 22 will be perfect for keeping your skin hydrated and protecting the scar from darkening. A special illuminator will empower your skin to protect against stressors.

4- Apply Masking Makeup

Using masking makeup is a good solution if you want a quick tattoo scarring cover-up. However, you may have to reapply makeup regularly because humidity and water can remove it.

5- Microdermabrasion

It is a special chemical scrub that will easily remove the topmost layer of the skin. So, the new skin that grows will be smoother with a reduced scar appearance.

6- Re-tattooing

Once you notice that the scar is properly healed, it is always better to get a tattoo again to remove the appearance of the scar. The scar can fade the lines and cause color distortion, and re-tattooing is the only way to fix it.

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Tips to prevent tattoo scar formation

We all know that prevention is always better than cure. So, here are some simple tips that will help you prevent scarring.

  • Always find a good artist. Make sure that your tattoo artist is highly experienced so that he will not insert the needle deep into your skin, leading to scarring. Experienced artists are also assured of minimizing the damage done to the skin so that you will get the best results.
  • Make sure that you follow a proper aftercare routine so that your tattoo will properly heal and you will not have to deal with any scars.
  • Never pick on your tattoo because it will increase the injury and convert scabs into scars.
  • In the first few days, take proper care of yourself and avoid any activity that can worsen the condition of your new tattoo.

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Bottom Line

Make sure that you take proper care of your tattoos to ensure that they will heal properly. If you notice any signs of tattoo scarring, it is better to consult your artist or doctor. They will provide you with immediate assistance so that your car can stop growing and you will not have to deal with any serious outcomes.

Tattoo Scarring – FAQ

Q: How Long The Tattoo Scars Will Last?

A: Tattoo scars can easily last for three months and more. If your blood supply is normal, the scar will heal quickly. Otherwise, you have to wait.

Q: Will Tattoo Scar Disappear On Its Own?

A: No, the tattoo scar will not go away. However, with time it may fade away. So, it would help if you got proper treatment.

Q: Is It Possible To Touch Up Tattoo Scars?

A: Yes, it is better to get touch upon scarred tattoos once they are properly healed. It is a reliable way to hide the previous damage.

Q: Will Tattooing Over Tattoo Scars Hurt?

A: Yes, getting a tattoo over your scar will be more painful because your skin is sensitive due to the damage. It is better to wait until the scar properly heals to reduce the pain.

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