Tattoo Scabbing: Dos And Don’ts To Protect Your Body Art

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Several people love to get tattooed all over their bodies. Tattoos also look quite cool and funky, which can be a sign to give different sorts of impressions. During the process of tattoo healing, the skin usually peels off, and the process is called tattoo scabbing.

The skin peels, scabs, and becomes quite scratchy as well. Due to such factors, the area that just got tattooed can look weird. But it is important to remember that this is your body’s natural way to heal after undergoing the process of the tattoo.


The tattoo peeling and scabbing will become irritated, uncomfortable, and itchy. The piece of art you just got tattooed might also not look like for some days. But you need to have some self-control and patience.

Therefore, today we will discuss more tattoo scabbing and bleeding. Or about the DOS and don’ts to protect your body art.

What Is Meant By Tattoo Scabbing?

Most people do not know the meaning of terminologies associated with tattoos. Meanwhile, you can also define tattoo scabbing from a biological point of view.

A scab is the protective tissue covering that is formed under your skin. It is formed after your skin has undergone any damaging event. It may include surgery, tattooing, etc.

Like, cuts and wounds that might be from a tattoo as well. Since a tattoo is an open wound that needs time to heal and sort itself, countless people often worry about tattoo scabbing. But you do not have to be worried about anything. It is completely normal. However, as mentioned earlier, you need to give it some time.

You will likely change after getting a fresh and new tattoo. Obviously, anything foreign to your body will react a certain way. Our body naturally is designed in a similar defensive way.

During the healing period, you will most likely observe some oozing plasma. This oozing plasma will then convert into scabs.

However, these scabs will convert into hardened structures after a few days. Later on, these scabs or wounds will then heal after drying out. Hence, it is all a matter of time.

Is Tattoo Scabbing Normal?

During the process of tattoo healing time, most people experience tattoo scabbing. Or the peeling off of the skin is similar to the flaking skin.

There is nothing you can do to avoid the aftermath of getting a tattoo. After all, beauty is pain. However, you can make it less painful or comfortable by not touching it.

The best thing you can do for your tattoo scabbing is to have patience and give it time to heal. The stage of peeling and scabbing is when those less experienced are more likely to freak out.


The skin will most definitely appear to be rough and quite horrible as well. Similar to something that no one would look at. It is also important to remember that your artwork will look horrible at first.

Hence, you should not become anxious about how your artwork might look for some time since it is normal for the tattoo to look awful during tattoo healing.

Also, many people usually consider tattoo scabbing a bad thing. Instead, it is not something wrong. Or it is not proof of something that you might have done by the wrong means.

The healing process of tattoos varies from person to person. Therefore, you should not compare your tattoo scabbing with others. This is quite unhealthy.

What Are Common Causes Of Tattoo Scabbing?

Some of the major contributing factors in the formation of tattoo scabbing are mentioned below.

  • The Type Of Skin – how sensitive your skin might be. Or do you have dry, oily, or combination skin?
  • Your Body’s Natural Defending System – this means how long your body takes naturally to heal. If your body generally takes a lot of days, the scabbing will also go after days.

3 Factors That Can Make Tattoo Scabs Heal Quickly

Similarly, if your body tends to heal quickly after a wound or cut, the chances of quickly healing a tattoo Scab are much higher.

1- Proper Aftercare

It is very important to take good care of yourself. There is no one better than you who knows your body well enough. Hence, you should stay clean and tidy. Your hygiene matters a lot regarding the healing process of tattoo scabbing. The cleaner you are, the quicker your scab will heal.


Saniderm Tattoo Healing Soap

It is a highly effective hydrating, hygienic and cleansing soap for tattoo scabs. Great for all skin types because it has all-natural ingredients that keep germs away and your skin fresh.

2- The Size, Color, And Type Of Tattoo Ink

This factor also plays an important role in determining the healing time of a tattoo Scab. If the ink, color, or tattooed area is sensitive, it will take a longer healing time.

3- Your Diet And External Factors

What you eat in a day matters a lot as well. Hence, you need to consume those foods that include healing properties. Moreover, external factors like the weather also affect the rate of healing.

If the weather is cold, then wounds are more likely to heal at a slower pace. However, during summers, the case is the opposite. Wounds will more likely heal at a quicker pace.

What Are The Reasons For Getting Tattoo Scabs And Peels?

Going through the tattoo scabbing after 1 day is very normal and happens to everyone that gets a tattoo. Hence, you should know that getting such scabs is quite normal. The reason why you get the tattoo scab bubbling is many. Meanwhile, one major reason to get them is your body’s natural immune response.

  • Putting something over your skin that is too sensitive will cause some adverse effects.
  • Likewise, this is how the scabbing of the skin work after getting a tattoo. You cannot get away with this unless you change your mind about getting a tattoo. Meanwhile, other reasons for getting a tattoo Scab can include the severity.
  • If you are getting a tattoo made from very strong ink, the scab will be tougher. And it will take more time to heal. Hence, it is important that you should not be panicked if your skin starts to scab or flake. All these factors are very common.
  • Moreover, if you do not keep the area where you have gotten a tattoo, the chances for it to become more infectious are higher. This is because the pus and the plasma all get mixed, which might be why your skin will also get a rough scabbing process.

Hence, if we generally talk about the concept of tattoo scabbing, then we can say that it is completely normal. Or it is a healthy response of your body towards a foreign factor. Hence, you should not worry about such things. Meanwhile, you should keep a check on your lifestyle, diet, and the environment you are living in.

How Can You Differentiate Between Scabbing And Infection?

Most of the time, people cannot differentiate between an infection and scabbing. Usually, it is very easy to understand the difference between them. But still, sometimes, the scabs can be counted as infectious.


However, there are a few things that you can look for in a common tattoo Scab to determine if it is becoming an infection or not. Below mentioned are some of them in further detail.


Suppose you see your scabbed skin becoming flushed. Or, if you see the scars appear, it is more likely to be an infection. The reason for such rashes can be due to harsh ink. Or you might be allergic to the ink that has been used.

Some people also have some skin conditions. Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis might find that tattoos can flare up the skin in such cases.


The tattoo and the area near the skin usually become swollen and warm. An individual that is experiencing inflammation will go through such changes. Although, the occurrence of the inflammation is quite a normal thing. People usually get it. But if the skin is more than red and inflamed, you should consult your doctor.

Unbearable Itchiness

The other way through which you can differentiate between an infection and a tattoo is Scab. Usually, a scab is not a problem. However, it might be an infection when you think your scab has unbearable itchiness.

If your tattoo is extremely itchy, the chances for the scab to be an infection are much higher. The itchiness is due to many factors. Like, inflammation, allergic reactions, or due to normal healing process as well.

Excessive Discharge

Suppose the tattoo is excreting an unlimited amount of ooze from the wound. Then the chances that it is an infection are also higher. However, yes, there is some level of discharge from the normal tattoo Scab. But, if you see the wound excreting an excessive amount of discharge, you may need to contact a doctor.

Leaves Scars Behind

Tattoos that are not able to heal properly convert into a scar. This is because it is an infection and not a normal process of tattoo scabbing. A dermatologist can be able to advise you in a much better way. They can give you some ointments or creams as well.

What Are Some Tips To Prevent The Formation Of Tattoo Scabs?

There are many ways in which you can be able to prevent the formation of tattoo scabs. Some of the major tips to prevent scabs are mentioned below.

Communicate With Your Tattoo Artist

The first and foremost thing that should be done before getting a tattoo is to talk with your artist. It is important since they are the ones who know better about the subject. Ask them different questions about the healing process. Make sure to communicate the DOS and don’ts of the tattoo scabbing.

Clean Your Area Properly Before And After Getting A Tattoo

It is very important to keep your tattoo from scabbing and the formation of infections. Therefore, clean it with an antiseptic by using a cotton pad. Dap it and spread it all over. This keeps the area of the tattoo clean and free of any infectious agents.

Visit A Professional Tattoo Artist

The next way through which you can be able to prevent tattoo scabbing is to apply everything professionally. Therefore, you should consult a professional tattoo artist that knows all the related stuff. Moreover, has a lot of experience. You should tell them to gently apply the ink and not use harsh inks. Make sure to avoid using such inks to which you might be allergic.

Do Not Pick Or Scratch It

Another effective way by the help of which you can prevent tattoo scabbing is to avoid picking it up. Do not itch it, and do not scratch it. If you do, then it might start to bleed as well.

Tattoo Scabbing – Conclusion

Tattoos are fun and a different experience for everyone. Likewise, tattoo scabbing also varies from person to person. Hence, you should not worry about a tattoo scab unless you see it worsens with time instead of healing.

Tattoo Scab Coming Off – FAQs

Q1: When Does A Tattoo Start To Scab?

Ans1: Usually, a tattoo should start scabbing by the end of week one after you have gotten it.

Q2: Is It Okay To Apply A Moisturizer Over A Tattoo Scab?

Ans2: Yes, it is important to keep the tattoo scab moisturized and warm. Hence, you should apply a light moisturizer after washing it.

Q3: Should You Wash The Tattoo While Scabbing?

Ans3: No, you should not wash the area during tattoo scabbing. You should wait long enough until the area dries off completely.

Q4: Should You Scratch Your Tattoo Scab?

Ans4: Generally, you can scratch your tattoo scab when you see it falling on its own. However, before that, we wouldn’t recommend you to do it. Scratching your scab before it’s dry can cause skin infection.

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