Tattoo Placement Chart: Guide To Find Perfect Placement

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Once you are to get a tattoo and find your ideal design, the next phase will be deciding where you would like to have it. Understanding tattoo placement chart and making a decision is essential. As you want to assure that your body art heals perfectly so you can show off your personality.

tattoo placement chart

Tattoo Placement Chart: Guideline

If you are wondering how to plan tattoo placement, we have a few things that will surely help you in decision-making.

1- Aesthetics Of Tattoo

Body art can easily attract attention which means you can use this to enhance parts of your body that you do not feel confident about or show off your great features. Moreover, assure that you like the direction of the design, which can be away or towards you depending on what it means.

2- Shape And Size Of Design

For a male or female tattoo placement chart, consider the shape and size of the tattoo. If you are planning to get a huge tattoo, it will look great on large body areas like thighs, back or arms. Besides that, simple and small designs like quotes, words or symbols are perfect for behind ears, wrists, ankles or neck.

Pay attention to the design and select a body part that flows with the unique shape of your tattoo. For example, a vertical tattoo will look amazing on calf or spine.

3- Personal Preference

While considering tattoo placement ideas, remember that some tattoos are memories or reminders you would like to have directed towards yourself. You can have them on your chest to show how close the memory is to your heart.

4- Visibility

Some workplaces will not allow you to have easily visible tattoos because of the ongoing stigma about it. Therefore, pay attention to your career goals and acceptable things in your industry.

If you do not want to show off your tattoo, you can consider areas like the thigh, back or buttocks are great. Moreover, if you are expressive, consider your arms, face, or neck will be great.

5- Pain Level And Tolerance

It is crucial to pay attention to pain levels while checking the tattoo body placement chart. Needles will pierce the uppermost layer of skin, which means it is going to be a painful experience. No doubt, pain tolerance varies from person to person, but still, you have to be careful.

  • There is no evidence of which parts of the body will hurt more or less.
  • Parts of the body with fewer nerve endings and more fat will be least painful, whereas body parts with thin skin, less fat and more nerve ending will surely hurt more.
  • The bony area will surely hurt more as compared to fleshy parts.
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6- Maintenance

While planning to have a colored tattoo, selecting a body part that is not often exposed to the sun. is better. Too much sun exposure can slow down the healing process, and the colors will quickly fade away. Moreover, areas like feet and hands will fade faster because of skin texture and usability. Besides that, you will require regular touchups in the area where skin regenerates fast.

While planning to have more tattoos, you must consider your overall look. It is better to have symmetrical and balanced approach designs that look even on both sides of your body.

Bottom Line

Assure that you select a location for your tattoo with pain levels you can easily tolerate. Regardless of how many tattoos you already have, it is always better to consider the tattoo placement chart before deciding on anything.

Tattoo Placement Chart – FAQs

Q: Is It Essential To Consider The Placement Of the First Tattoo?

A: Yes, considering the right body part to have your first tattoo will help quick healing and a less painful experience.

Q: Can Placement Charts Provide Information About Pain Levels?

A: Yes, complete information about the pain level you may experience on different body parts is available on the tattoo pain placement chart. So, check it properly.

Q: Are Placement Charts Of Tattoos Different For Males And Females?

A: No, most of the information you can get in the placement charts is similar. The only difference you may notice is pain tolerance.

Q: Should I Select Placement Of Tattoo On My Own?

A: You are getting a tattoo, so the final decision will always be yours. However, it is always better to consult your artist, especially if it is your first tattoo.

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