Can You Tattoo Over A Scar? In Short, Yes!

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All scars come with a backstory. However, most of these stories are not the ones you would like to share at a cocktail party. We often want to forget about our scars because they came from a life-threatening surgery or an abusive stage in our life. Thus, a common question revolving around is that “can you tattoo over a scar?“.

Can You Tattoo Over A Scar?

Yes, you can tattoo over a scar because there is nothing wrong with the process. However, it can be tricky because scars have sensitive and damaged tissues. Therefore, it is essential to determine whether you can consider tattooing your scar or not.

can you tattoo over a scar

Things To Consider Before Tattooing Over Scar

Before you consider the opportunity to “can I cover the scar with a tattoo?” here we have a list of things that require your attention.

1- Know the Type Of Your Scars

Scars are not similar to normal skin because it is dense. Thus, your scars will hold ink differently from normal skin. Moreover, the lines will be less defined, impacting the shading and colors. Therefore, you need to know about the type of scars you have. Here are a few types you need to know.

  • Hypertrophic Scars: They are red, thick, elevated scars. After complete healing, they are less painful to tattoo, but you must follow a proper aftercare routine.
  • Keloid Scars: These thick red scars take 3 to 5 years to properly heal. Moreover, these are tough to cover with tattoos because re-injury is higher. Thus, it will be better to tattoo around the scar instead of on it.
  • Atrophic Scars: Located below the skin, these are soft scars that are easy to tattoo and do not have much risk.
  • Skin Amputation Or Removal Scars: These scars have commonly smooth skin that is easy to tattoo, but serious nerve damage can make the area highly sensitive.

Tattooing over scars can be highly painful. Therefore, always consult your artists before taking any decisions.

2- Make Sure Your Scar Is Properly Healed

It is essential to understand how long until you can tattoo over a scar. Some scars take 1 year to heal, while others can take even 5 years. Re-injury will increase if your tattoo over a scar is not properly healed. That is why it is essential that your scars or stretch marks are properly healed, and you have them examined for assurance before getting a tattoo.

3- Try On Small Area First

When you try any new product, you always match tests to assure there will be no side effects. Similar goes for tattooing over scars. The reason is that your tattoo may be extra sensitive or cause serious irritation. If you have a small area tattooed first, you will know about the outcomes, and you can make any future decisions based on that.

4- Get A Tattoo That Works With Your Scar

Naturally, you want to hide your scars. However, in most cases, your scars cannot be tattooed. Therefore, it is always better to have a tattoo that will incorporate your scar instead of hiding it. Moreover, it will not only be a perfect work of art on your body, but also you can accept your scar and wear it with courage and happiness.

5- Have Realistic Expectations

Always be mentally prepared that your tattoo may not turn out as you expect it to. The reason is that damaged skin will not provide exact results as normal skin. Moreover, you may require a second session to have well-defined lines and shading on your tattoo. Thus, it is always better to discuss all prospects with your artist before going under the needle.

Potential Risks Of Getting Tattoo Over Scar

Before getting a tattoo over your stretch marks or scars, here are some potential risks you need to know.

  • Chances of re-injury are higher
  • You may experience irritation
  • There will be more tattoo ink bleeding
  • Tattoo appearance may not be stable

You may have to go through several sessions of tattooing to remove the patchiness of tattoo shades before you get desired results.

Who Can Not Tattoo Over A Scar?

Here are a few individuals who cannot consider having a tattoo over their scars.

  • Individuals with fresh or unhealed scars
  • If you have sunburnt skin, you cannot tattoo it
  • People with a lower immune system should not risk getting tattoos over scars

Bottom Line

Tattooing over a scar can be extremely tough. Therefore, conduct your research and find a tattoo artist specializing in scar cover-up. It is the best way to get the results you desire without going through any side effects. Take extra care of your tattoo while getting it over a scar so chances of infections and damage can be reduced.

Tattoo Over Scars – FAQs

Q: Is It More Painful to get a tattoo over a scar?

A: Yes, tattooing over scars can be more painful because the skin is already damaged and sensitive. Thus, you have to be extra careful during the process.

Q: When Can I Tattoo Over Scar?

A: You have to wait for your scar to completely heal before getting a tattoo over it. Make sure that it is a white scar and not red. It usually takes 18 months for the scar to heal. Moreover, consult your dermatologist to assure that the healing process is complete.

Q: Is There Risk Of Serious Injury When Tattooing Over Scar?

A: A skilled artist will examine your scar before considering tattooing it, so chances of injury can be reduced. However, you may have to deal with serious outcomes if you do not select the right artists for the job.

Q: Can You Tattoo Over Scars And Stretch Marks?

A: Yes, you can tattoo over stretch marks and scars. However, you have to wait for them completely heal and follow the instructions given by your artist.

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