Tattoo Blowout – Causes & Prevention Tips

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Getting a tattoo is like a dream come true, but the worst nightmare begins once a tattoo blowout starts to happen. While getting a tattoo, most people are worried about a blowout. Tattoo bleeding ink is normal because it will heal with time. However, a blowout can be serious and time taking.

So, before you get your first tattoo here, we have everything you need to know about a blowout. Read it carefully if you want your tattoo to look amazing and heal well.

What is a Tattoo Blowout?

A blowout in a tattoo is a condition in which tattoos appear to be smudged, bruised, or blurred. The ink on the outlines of the tattoo will spread outwards, and it seems like the tattoo will fade away with time.

Different forms of a tattoo blowout can be mild or highly pronounced.

Is it Tattoo Blowout or Bruising?

Before you panic, it is essential to understand the difference between tattoo blowout and bruise. Commonly, people get worried over a bruise or tattoo bleeding ink. These are normal conditions and will be cured over time.

Here are a few signs which will help differentiate whether you have a tattoo blowout or healing.


  • It will happen several days after getting a tattoo.
  • Often there is no inflammation.
  • You may notice tattoo is fading.
  • Ink bleeding out will not go away with time.

Bruising or Healing

  • If it happens after a few hours or a day of getting a tattoo, it’s probably bruising.
  • There will be minor inflammation and pain.
  • After a few days, you may experience dryness.
  • After a few days, you will notice a perfect tattoo.

Use warm water to wash the tattoo to remove residue ink, plasma, and blood. Moreover, it has a soothing effect.

Where and When Does Tattoo Blowout Occur?

You must be wondering that on which parts of the body a tattoo blowout will occur. A tattoo blowout on the finger, wrist, ankle, toes, and top of feet and hand is common. It usually occurs when the needle protrudes into the lower layers of the skin.

Common Tattoo Blowout Side Effects

There are various side effects of tattoo blowouts that you need to know.

  • There will be a tattoo blowout fade.
  • The smudged appearance of the tattoo
  • You may have to remove your tattoo.

What causes blowouts in tattoos?

It is very important to understand what causes tattoo blowout before you decide to get a new tattoo. Here we have a list of common tattoo ink blowout causes that you can easily avoid.

Tattoo Blowout

1- Inexperienced tattoo artists

Inexperienced tattoo artists do not know how to hold and handle tattoo machines properly. They may be using the wrong type of needles or make other mistakes that can cause tattoo blowout. Apart from that, they do not know to provide proper guidance regarding aftercare that causes other issues.

2- Needle inserted too deep

If a mistaken needle is inserted too deep, it can damage deep layers of the skin. It causes ink bleeding as well as blowout after a few weeks. You may notice excessive plasma release during the healing process.

3- Tattoo made on thin skin

People often like to get a tattoo on fingers, wrists, or front of hand or feet. It may look cool, but the skin on this area of the body is very thin. Thus, the needle easily penetrates deep, which leads to a blowout.

4- Excessive movement while tattooing

If it is your first tattoo, you may start to shiver, which will damage your skin. On the other hand, inexperienced tattoo artists can also cause excessive movement of the needle, leading to blowout and scabbing.

5- Needle inserted at the wrong angle

Sometimes the needle does not penetrate deep bit inserted at the wrong angle. It damages neighboring tissues. Therefore, you notice a blowout effect. It can happen to experienced tattoo artists as well. However, they will try to reduce the impact of a blowout as much as possible.

6- Excessive pulling and stretching of the skin

To get an even and flat surface for tattooing, an artist will slightly stretch your skin. However, if the artist stretches the skin too tightly or the area is delicate, it can lead to smudging.

Tattoo Blowout How Long it takes to Heal?

Once the tattoo blowout appears after a week, it will not go away easily, depending on how severe it is. If the condition is minor, the tattoo blowout will fade over time, but it will take at least a year. On the other hand, if you have a serious blowout, it has to be fixed by a professional.

Simple ways to prevent tattoo blowout

A minor tattoo blowout is common because it is a part of the healing process and will fade away with time. Besides that, there are simple ways that can help prevent tattoo blowout. Follow these simple tricks to keep your tattoo fresh.

1- Pick your artist carefully

Whether you are getting your first or 10th tattoo, it is preferable to hire a top-notch artist. Working with an experienced tattoo artist will give you peace of mind to get the best results. Some tips for finding the best artist are.

  • Check their certification and experience.
  • Pay attention to reviews of previous customers.
  • Go through their portfolio and previous tattoos they have done.
  • Know the type of tattoos they create.

2- Select proper location and thickness of skin

It is better to have your tattoo one on a thick area. It will reduce the chances of a blowout, and your tattoo will heal quickly.

Getting a tattoo on thin areas is not only painful, but it also takes more time to heal. Moreover, it increases the chances of a blowout.

3- Follow proper tattoo aftercare routine

People make the mistake of not following a proper aftercare routine which leads to a blowout. Make sure to follow the given steps.

  • Clean your tattoo with an alcohol swab.
  • Wash it with antibacterial soap to avoid infection.
  • Apply good quality lotion or moisturizer to keep skin soft.
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4- Do not rub or scratch tattoos while cleaning

Never make the mistake of rubbing your tattoo when it is healing. Always dab whether you are cleansing or applying lotion. Scratching or rubbing will not only damage the skin but also cause severe ink bleeding.

Is tattoo blowout cover-up possible?

Yes, a minor tattoo blowout coverup is very easy and possible. Here are a few ways you can use to cover up a blowout.

  • Add shading around the outlines to make smudging a part of the tattoo.
  • Cover up the blowout by adding tattoo designs around your original tattoo.

Wait patiently and give some time because blowout will fade away with time, and you will not have to do anything.

How to Get Rid of Tattoo Blowout?

So, now you have a serious tattoo blowout and wondering what to do. Do not worry because it is possible to get rid of such problems. Here are some solutions that you can consider if there is a blowout.

1- Tattoo correction

The fastest, cheapest, and easiest way of getting rid of a blowout is to cover up. You can consult with professional tattoo artists, and they will provide the following services.

  • Camouflage your old tattoo with a new one to cover smudge.
  • Add shading to sides and background for better effect.

Coverup is successful for mild tattoos. If you have a severe tattoo blowout, the coverup will be darker, or you may have to opt for other options.

2- Laser treatment

Laser therapy is a good option. Laser energy will diffuse ink particles deep into the skin layers so your smudges will not be noticeable. However, you will need more than one session to get the best results. Besides that, it is expensive and more painful than getting a tattoo.

3- Surgical removal of tattoo

Your last resort will be tattoo blowout removal surgically. Surgeons will remove tattooed skin and stitch surrounding areas together. The results will be a long healing time, scaring, and no tattoo.

When to Consult your Professional?

Common mistake people make is they want to immediately cover up their tattoo. As soon as you notice a blowout, inform your artist. Let the blowout and tattoo heal properly before you can get coverup services. Apart from that, you should not proceed with any type of treatment if there are symptoms of infection. Consult a doctor if your tattoo is not healing properly and get medical help.

If the tattoo is drying and it is itchy, apply moisturizer. Keep your body hydrated to avoid dryness.

Bottom Line

Once you notice a blowout, many questions will come to your mind, like “does tattoo blowout fade, is it possible to cover up, will the treatment work?”. Relax and consult your professional before you can select any treatment method. As well as before getting a tattoo take good care of your skin and follow all aftercare steps so you can avoid such situations.

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