Tips To Fix An Over Moisturized Tattoo

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Yes, you can fix your over moisturized tattoo, but it can take longer. First, it would be better to avoid moisturizing your tattoo with too many moisturizers. If you have already done that, then it is time to take precautionary measures and take all the tips on an account that would help you to take care of your over moisturized tattoo.

over moisturized tattoo

Here we will discuss how you end up overly moisturizing your tattoo, how you will know that you have ruined your tattoo, and how you can fix it.

Can You Over-Moisturize A Tattoo?

When our skin gets inked, it would be like a wounded part of your body, and you should take care of it. If you fail to take care of your tattooed skin, then the skin and tattoo will go bad. Sometimes while taking care, you get extra cautious, and you take care too much and make the situation even worse for yourself. Have you ever seen an over moisturized tattoo?

This happens when you apply too much moisturizer to your tattoo. There is nothing wrong with applying moisturizer, but this doesn’t mean you apply a thick layer of it 4-5 times a day. Once you get the tattoo, even the tattoo artist would suggest you keep your skin moisturizer because the skin might get dry and flaky. To maintain the hydration level of your skin, you must apply a very thin layer of moisturizer to the tattoo.

apply a very thin layer of moisturizer to the tattoo

When you’re overly moisturizing your tattoo, that skin will get worse, the ink will get worse, and you might get a skin infection. You will notice the scabbiness on your around where you got tattooed. This is the symptom that you have overly moisturized your tattoo. So, you have to be careful with the amount of moisturizer you will be applying to your fresh tattoo.

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Risks Of Over-Moisturizing Your Tattoo

If you over-moisturize your tattoo, then the following are the risks you might face:

Infection And Inflammation

It is quite obvious when the skin is over moisturized then; the pores will get clogged. Your skin won’t be able to breathe, and if your skin can’t breathe, its condition will go from bad to worse within no time. There are high chances that your skin will get infected. The moisturizer will seep into your skin and the inflammation.

Yes, the redness, swelling, and itchiness are the common risks you face when applying moisturizer on your newly inked tattoo just because the artist asked you to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

The Ink Gets Ruined

You got your tattoo, and then you applied too much moisturizer. Don’t you think you are trying to rue the tattoo’s beauty? Moisturizing your tattoo too much will affect the ink. It will start getting smudgy, and there is no going back once the ink of your tattoo gets destroyed this way.

Skin Break-Out

Once your skin gets extra moisturized, you keep rubbing it, scratching it, and eventually break out. Yes, the skin will break out, and it is one of the worse risks you can face because it gets so much pain.

Signs Of Over Moisturized Tattoo

If you don’t know what an overly moisturized tattoo looks like, then here are a few signs that might help you to understand the condition of your tattooed skin:

The Tattoo Is Not Healing

It’s been a week, and the tattoo is not healing, but why? You are taking care of the tattoo, and you moisturize it like 4-5 times a day, but still, it is only looking more wounded. Well, the reason might be that you are moisturizing it too much. When you overly moisturize your tattoo instead of healing, it gets worse.

If the tattoo is not healing, it is a sign that it has been overly moisturized.

Your Skin Is Red And Itchy

If you feel your skin is getting red and itchier, even if you have applied moisturizer, you have applied too much of the moisturizer. The redness and itchiness are signs of an overly moisturized tattoo.

When the moisturizer gets stuck between the pores of your newly inked skin because it was not absorbed properly, it causes itchiness and too much redness. Your skin even might get swell a little bit too.

Scabby Skin

The last sign of an overly moisturized tattoo is scabby skin around your tattoo. Yes, when you apply too much moisturizer to your tattoo, it will cause the skin to get scabby.

How To Fix An Over A Moisturized Tattoo?

You can fix an over moisturized tattoo if you pay attention to the steps we are going to discuss now:

Stop Moisturizing Your Tattoo

First of all, you need to stop moisturizing your tattoo. Yes, it is already overly moisturized, which is why it is not healing. So the number one step to fixing your tattoo is to stop moisturizing it. If you keep applying moisturizer, the tattoo is not going to heal.

Let It Dry For 15-30 Minutes.

After you shower, you should wait for like 15-30 minutes and let your tattoo dry under the fan. You don’t have to touch your tattoo, and if the skin doesn’t feel dry, it would be better if you didn’t apply a moisturizer.

If you have already applied the moisturizer and now you think you applied too much of it, you should let it dry for 30-45 minutes under the fan and don’t apply moisturizer anymore. Try not to get your tattoo wet too much because the water droplets and moisturizer clog the pores.

Dab Your Over Moisturizer Tattoo With A Soft Dry Towel

You can dab your tattoo a little bit with a soft dry towel. Yes, the towel dab will help in drying the tattoo. The extra moisturizer for your tattoo, the towel, will soak it. While drying your tattoo under the fan, you can keep dabbing very gently and slowly.

Bottom Line

Now you know that while taking too much care of your fresh tattoo, you might moisturize a bit too much. It would be best if you avoided it at all costs. You can fix an over moisturized tattoo, but it would be better that you get a bit cautious at the start. Sometimes when you moisturize your tattoo, the ink gets ruined, and fixing the ink is impossible.

Over Moisturized Tattoo – FAQs

Q: What Does An Over Moisturized Tattoo Look Like?

A: The skin gets scabby and red. The ink will get a bit blurred or ruined.

Q: What Happens If You Over-Moisturize A Tattoo?

A: The ink will get a bed, and you can have a skin infection.

Q: How Can You Fix An Over A Moisturized Tattoo?

A: Let the skin dry for like 15-30 minutes without touching it, and stop applying the moisturizer.

Q: Is It Necessary To Apply A Moisturizer To Your Tattoo?

A: Yes, it is necessary so the tattoo would last long and your skin doesn’t get dry after getting inked.

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