The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Curly 3b Hair Type


Curly hairs come in all variations ranging from loose spirals to corkscrews. With the texture and type differentiating, they all need proper care to make every day a great hair day for you. The 3B hair type sits right between tight curls and loose spirals, requiring more care than most hair types as they are …

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Tattoo Scabbing: Dos And Don’ts To Protect Your Body Art


Several people love to get tattooed all over their bodies. Tattoos also look quite cool and funky, which can be a sign to give different sorts of impressions. During the process of tattoo healing, the skin usually peels off, and the process is called tattoo scabbing. The skin peels, scabs, and becomes quite scratchy as …

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Tattoo Placement Chart: Guide To Find Perfect Placement

tattoo placement chart

Once you are to get a tattoo and find your ideal design, the next phase will be deciding where you would like to have it. Understanding tattoo placement chart and making a decision is essential. As you want to assure that your body art heals perfectly so you can show off your personality. Tattoo Placement …

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How Long Do Stick And Pokes Last?

how long do stick and pokes last

If you are a person who would like to experiment with getting their skin gets inked with a tattoo, but it should not stay there forever, then you should get a stick and pokes. Now you might think that how long do stick and pokes last? Well depends on the part of your body where …

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Tips To Fix An Over Moisturized Tattoo

over moisturized tattoo

Yes, you can fix your over moisturized tattoo, but it can take longer. First, it would be better to avoid moisturizing your tattoo with too many moisturizers. If you have already done that, then it is time to take precautionary measures and take all the tips on an account that would help you to take …

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How Much To Tip A Tattoo Artist?


Most of the time, people get tattoos to make a memory, like they want a special design to get inked to remember something. Getting a tattoo is a little painful process, but the person making that tattoo has to deal with all types of clients. Some take it easy, and some make such a difficult …

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Tattoo Scarring: Causes, Prevention, And Treatment


Tattooing can lead to serious skin injuries if not taken care of properly. You have to take your tattoo seriously and responsibly follow the aftercare routine otherwise you will not be able to get the results you want. Tattoo scarring is the worst that can happen after getting a tattoo. Various reasons can cause scarring …

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Can You Tattoo Over A Scar? In Short, Yes!

can you tattoo over a scar

All scars come with a backstory. However, most of these stories are not the ones you would like to share at a cocktail party. We often want to forget about our scars because they came from a life-threatening surgery or an abusive stage in our life. Thus, a common question revolving around is that “can …

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