Best Wireless Tattoo Machines: Benefits, Buying Guide And Special Tips

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Wireless tattoo machines have now made the lives of everyone quite easy. It is a machine that does not require any plug-in and makes the tattooing process comfortable. However, most people often get confused about how to purchase it. Meanwhile, there are a lot of types of wireless tattoo machines. That makes it very difficult for the customers to buy the ideal ones. Hence, they look for various kinds of guides to follow upon.


Therefore, today we will discuss the best wireless tattoo machine. That will include everything from how it works and tips to take proper care of it. Hence, keep reading the mentioned guide

Top 10 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines in 2023 – Quick Comparison

Product ImageDetailsSpecificationsMotorWeight (g)Operating Voltage (V)Running Time (hours)Battery Charging Time (hours)Stroke Length (mm)Editor’s Rating
Editor’s Choice

Hawink Rotary Tattoo Pen Kit

  • Exquisite appearance

  • Powerful motor

  • Precise and comfortable tattooing

Coreless motor1625 – 143.5 to 91.53.2
Best For Beginners

Javelin Tattoo Pen Kit

  • Power supply is portable

  • Single button technology

  • Training crash course available

JEXO motor3901 – 1251.5 – 23.5
Best Kit

Solong Tattoo Kit

  • Aircraft aluminum enclosure

  • Comes with 2 rechargeable batteries

  • Self-protection feature

Japanese coreless motor456.4 – 8.22 -314
Best Battery Timing

Mast Tour Tattoo Pen Kit

  • Highly portable and travel friendly

  • 25 mm grip makes it easy to carry

  • Quiet and soft operation

Japanese coreless motor820 – 45 – 633.5
Best Affordable

HAWINK Tattoo Pen Gun

  • Lightweight pen with ergonomic design

  • Smooth rotation of shaft with strong torque

  • Precise and comfortable to use

Coreless motor1407 – 112 – 42 – 2.53
Best Lining

Ambition Soldier Pen

  • Digital LED display

  • Great for professionals and beginners

  • Replaceable battery

Japan Coreless motor2105 – 125 – 61.5 – 24
Best Lightweight

Mast Archer Tattoo Pen

  • Voltage LCD screen is visible

  • Seamless and one-piece structure

  • Overcharge protection

Coreless motor1865 – 125 – 1223.5
Best Shading

Ambition Tattoo Pen

  • Comes with CNC cravings

  • Stable and powerful output

  • Less noise production

Japan Coreless motor21086 – 81.5 – 23.5
Best Ergonomic design

Solong Tattoo Pen

  • Does not overheat quickly

  • Ergonomic design and comfortable grip

  • 1 year warranty with CE certification

Taiwan motor1507 – 122 – 423.5
Best Color Packing

Mast Saber Tattoo Pen

  • LED display records working duration

  • Offer space aluminum grip

  • Works while charging

Taiwan motor825 – 107 – 823.5

How Does The Wireless Tattoo Machine Work?

The wireless machine of the tattoo is operated in a very easy way. The way it works is not something that needs rocket science knowledge. The wireless tattoo machine has a single operating button. It also comes with a motion control system known as an intuitive system.

The battery of the wireless tattoo machine is rechargeable and can be switched very easily. The battery time of the wireless tattoo machine is up to 5 hours. That is a good time for usage for continuous application of the tattoo.

Moreover, the wireless tattoo machine also charges within 3 hours only. That is a very short time for a device to get charged up. Hence, the wireless tattoo machine is ideal if you are planning to start a tattoo business.

Why Get A Wireless Tattoo Machine?

Well, regardless of how much you tell how the tattoo machine works. A lot of people wonder why they should get the wireless tattoo machine.

Benefits Of Wireless Tattoo Pen

There are many advantages of using a wireless tattoo machine. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Most wireless tattoo machine works without vibrations. It is a good point for a painless tattoo procedure.
  • The working procedure of the wireless tattoo machine is silent. The noise will not distribute to you since it does not produce any.
  • The motor that is inserted inside the machine of most wireless tattoo machines is of high quality. The motor has the excellent working condition and does not stop in the middle. Hence, you can be free of tension while getting your favorite tattoo.
  • Most types of tattoo machines, generally wireless, are known to be compatible with various cartridges. Hence, this point gives you several options for getting multiple tattoos.
  • The wireless tattoo machine is not heavy. It is very lightweight and does not feel heavy at all. This gives the artists a free hand while they are making a tattoo. So they do not feel discomfort while holding the machine since it is very light to carry around, unlike the other wired machinery.
  • Very experienced engineers generally make the wireless tattoo machine. The parts that are present in it are made from the finest quality and well-experienced workers. They are known ideally for their excellent craftsmanship.
  • Little do people know that wireless tattoo machines also have multiple uses. These machines are regarded as multi-purpose tattoo machines since they can also be used for making permanent eyebrows, lips, and eyeliners.
  • These machines are also known for their function of working. This means they can work fine with all types of skin. Either you have an oily, dry, or a combination skin type. With the wireless tattoo machine, none of it matters.

5 Best Wireless Tattoo Machines For Beginners And Professionals – Detailed Review

Here are our top 5 pics of wireless tattoo machines that are equally great for professionals and beginners.

1. Editor’s Choice: Hawink Rotary Tattoo Pen Kit

“The best compact and powerful tattoo pen kit for learners’ and tattoo artists’ needs.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • The motor is compatible with all needle cartridge types
  • The pen-style grip makes learning easier
  • 2 batteries always keep power backup for you

What we didn’t like:

  • There are no inks included in the package, but it also gives you the freedom to select your favorite tattoo ink

Check Latest Price on Amazon

This tattoo kit includes 2 batteries and 20 piece needle cartridge box. The coreless motor operates at a voltage range of 5-14volts and provides 3.2mm of needle stroke. The ergonomic design of this tattoo machine brings an authentic tattooing experience with actual pen-feel.

2. Best For Beginners: Javelin Tattoo Pen Kit

“A complete kit with needles and ink for tattoo artists and starters.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • It is completely wireless, so you can use it wherever you want
  • Crash-course-101 can be very helpful for beginners
  • The 4.5-watt motor is capable of shading, packing color, and lining to create detailed tattoos

What we didn’t like:

  • You must keep it upright because leaning at a certain angle can loosen the battery connection

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This 86-piece tattoo kit comes with 20 ink colors. It also comes with a Freedom Kit of cartridges with different types of needles perfect for shadowing and detailing.

3. Best Kit: Solong Tattoo Kit

“A completely protective tattoo machine to enhance tattoo artists’ experience.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • You can use it on the battery as well as on DC power
  • You can set 9 different operational speeds and see that on RGB LED
  • It comes with low voltage and overload protection

What we didn’t like:

  • It does not include needles in the package, so you must buy them separately

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This tattoo machine comes with 2 lithium-ion batteries of 760 mAH each. It is a 7-piece package, so no needles or cartridges are included. It comes with an 8.4volts 1 amp adapter that you must not use with any other device.

4. Best Battery Timing: Mast Tour Tattoo Pen Kit

“The right travel-friendly tattoo machine that you will ever need”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • It charges for 3 hours and works for 6 hours
  • It charges for 3 hours and works for 6 hours
  • Click switch and battery indicators make battery power management easy

What we didn’t like:

  • The motor inside is not that powerful, but it may get the job done

Check Latest Price on Amazon

This tattoo machine comes with a 25mm straight body grip making it very easy to carry. It comes with 0-4mm needle depts with a stroke length of 3.5 mm. different operating modes with several stitch frequency makes tattooing convenient with this tattoo machine.

5. Best Affordable: Hawink Tattoo Pen Gun

“The pen gun tattoo machine brings the right convenience for extensive usage hours.”


Our Rating:

What we liked:

  • The new pen-style design of this tattoo gun makes it ergonomic and lightweight
  • A high-quality motor brings smooth shaft rotation with strong torque
  • The smart, lightweight battery provides more than 3 hours of backup for continuous usage

What we didn’t like:

  • The battery supply connection is not that stable because of vibrations

Check Latest Price on Amazon

Using this tattoo gun is easy with its easy inserting cartridge needle. It comes with 20 pieces of the cartridge with 4 mixed types of needles perfect for shading and lining. So, it makes a complete package for your tattooing needs.

Wireless Tattoo Pen Buying Guide: How To Select The Best Wireless Tattoo Machine?

Good tattoo artists know the importance of using the right tattoo machine for the job. A tattoo artist who loves to show their art and work also needs an excellent tool. Hence, exploring the need for the right tattoo machine never stops. Instead, it just gets tough as time passes.

Hence, some of the factors you should consider while buying a wireless tattoo machine are mentioned below.

The Frame Material Of The Machine

The first thing you should look into before making your purchase is the material of it. The material should be very reliable and should not have corrosive properties. The strong tattoo machine is made from iron, steel, and aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight and brass as well. It is heavyweight but works quite for a long time.

The Weight Of The Tattoo Machine

The other factor that is very important to look at is the machine’s weight. No matter how high-quality your device is, it should be lightweight. Since as a tattoo artist, you need to hold for a longer time. Therefore, you do not want to strain your hand during the long process.

Choose The Ideal Type Tattoo Machine.

There are various types in tattoo machines that you need to know before buying. The first and most common ones are coil tattoo guns if you love to build things and look forward to customization of your machine from the start. Then this kind of machine is the best for you.

Yet the other one is the rotary tattoo guns. These are used for working or handling the smaller needles for tattooing. But they are generally expensive as compared to the later ones.

Check On Your Budget.

While making your purchase, you need to look at your budget properly. You should not go over the bar if you do not have the limit. Do some research, and you will find some of the best yet cheaper wireless tattoo machines. Do not pay double for something you can find at a much lower cost. Therefore, do your proper requirement research and then select the one, so you do not regret it later.

Look out for the components that come with the machine. Another important thing that should consider is to look for the parts properly. That means you should look for all the tools and tattoo supplies that are available with it. These are quite important for working hence you do not want to lose them. They also give you a diverse range of offering you the art that can be a positive point for the customers.

3 Tips To Take Care Of Your Wireless Tattoo Machine

You can follow many tips to take good care of your wireless tattoo machine. Meanwhile, some of them are below.

1- Cover Your Wireless Tattoo Machine

The first and foremost thing you should do to take good care of your wireless machine is cover it. Covering your tattoo machine in a plastic casing or an alternative to it keeps it away from blood and other contamination.

You can make this on your own by only using the machine bags as well. However, this is suitable for a wireless machine for coil tattoo machines. At the same time, use clip cord sleeve for cover tattoo machine which are like a pen.

2- Clean Your Machine With A Disinfectant

Cleaning your wireless tattoo machine with a disinfectant is very important since the needles of the tattoo machine come in contact with the skin. The process of getting a tattoo also tends to spill out some amount of blood. This can be quite risky if you do not clean your machines with a proper anti-septic.

This helps kill all the germs and lowers the risks of diseases like HIV, hepatitis c, and other contagious and fatal diseases. They generally transmit via the contact of blood, sweat, and other body fluids.

3- Opting For The Cold Sterilization Methods

Yet another way that is an effective cleaning method is cold sterilization. If you do not own an autoclave, then do not worry. You can also opt for ultrasonic as an ideal and effective alternative. The other way you can do cold sterilization is by using chemical baths. However, these might take a much longer time, but they are very effective. It cleans your machine so the next customer can easily use it.

Our Verdict

The Hawink Tattoo Machine brings the best experience. In my opinion, a wide range of operating voltage offers more control over the RPM of the motor. Additionally, you always have reliable power with 2 batteries. With a pack of 20 cartridges, you will never run short of needle types when learning or practicing tattoo art.

Best Wireless Tattoo Machines – FAQs

Q: Is A Wireless Tattoo Machine Safe To Use?

Ans: Yes, a wireless tattoo machine is quite safe to use. They are lightweight and ideal for beginner tattoo artists.

Q: Is A Wireless Tattoo Machine Painful?

Ans: No, getting a tattoo with the help of a wireless tattoo machine is not painful. It offers a painless procedure and does not feel anything.

Q: Is The Wireless Tattoo Machine Rechargeable?

Ans: Yes, a wireless tattoo machine has batteries that can be recharged. The batteries can work for up to 5 hours or more as well.

Q: In How Many Hours Does A Wireless Tattoo Machine Fully Charges?

Ans: A wireless tattoo machine generally charges within 3 hours or less. It offers a great battery life which provides other pros to the artists.

Q: Can We Wash A Wireless Tattoo Machine With Water?

Ans: Do not use water; clean it with a proper disinfectant or an anti-septic. Water might damage the working coils of the machinery.

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