The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Curly 3b Hair Type

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Curly hairs come in all variations ranging from loose spirals to corkscrews. With the texture and type differentiating, they all need proper care to make every day a great hair day for you. The 3B hair type sits right between tight curls and loose spirals, requiring more care than most hair types as they are prone to fizziness, uneven distribution, and dryness.

Top 10 hair care tips to take care of your 3B hair type

With slightly denser curls, the 3B type hair is frizz-prone and can easily stretch out, which may de-shape your whole hairstyle.


So, here are the top 10 haircare tips for your unique hair type.

1. Give your hair extra moisture before every wash.

Shampooing can take essential hydration out of your hair, making them dehydrated. So, whenever you wash your hair with shampoo, give some extra moisture by applying nourishing hair oil. You can also use a hydrating conditioner instead but leave your hair for 30 minutes after applying these. After that, shampooing will clean your hair as it will not be dehydrated.

Use a high quality hair moisturizing product for your hair so you can avoid hair loss.

2. Shampooing twice a week is more than enough

3B hair type male or female individuals must not shampoo more than twice a week. Even once a week will be enough because shampooing too often can deplete your natural scalp oils.

Even while using shampoo twice a week, using it less is important as this will keep your hair clean while retaining the essential natural scalp oils.

3. Frequent deep conditioning is beneficial

If you feel your hair needs extra moisture, use products like deep conditioners or natural oils. A hair mask for 3B type hair or natural coconut oil will make a great choice. These may strengthen your hair while keeping frizz and dryness away.

4. Avoid frizz by avoiding brushing

Brushing and, most importantly, aggressive brushing will be among the biggest enemies of your curly hair. Curly hair strands are delicate, and brushing breaks them and introduces frizz to your hair. So, either go for light combing with a wide tooth comb or gently use your hands to de-tangle and separate hair.

Doing this while your wet hairs are heavily conditioned will be the best option to prevent breakage and frizzing.

5. Squishing to dry helps define the natural curls

Drying is a major concern among people with this hair type. Surprisingly, squishing your hair in handfuls will be the best choice. You don’t need to rub your hair with a towel as it brings frizz. Similarly, do not blow dry as it is bad for 3B hair (more on that later).

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So, turn your hair upside down, take handfuls, and squish them to get the most water out. In this way, excess water is removed while leaving enough behind to keep the hair moist. This moisture will play an important role in defining your curls and giving volume.

6. Stay away from heat styling as much as possible

Blow dryers, curling rods, and straighteners must be kept away from your 3B hair. These are generally bad for your hair because of the excessive dryness these cause. Instead, you must go for a natural drying and when you want to re-define curls, go for some curl-defining creams.


IGK Instant Repair Serum

Serum offers amazing protecting from heat during styling. It also repairs split ends and reduces breakage that makes your hair strong and soft.

7. Get complete frizz protection while you sleep

Sleeping correctly is the most crucial part of taking care of your hair. One of the best practices is tying a high but loose ponytail when sleeping. Tying your hair in a bun using a scrunchie or a soft scarf will also help. Go for silk pillow covers to protect yourself from frizzing while you sleep.

8. Use your moisturizers in layers to retain moisture

Using natural oils and curl-defining creams in combination will help a lot in locking moisture in your hair. You can apply one after the other. Which one you use first depends on your results, as results may vary between individuals. This type of moisture retention is called LCO or LOC method.

9. Protect your hair from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is not good for your hair, and you must protect your hair from it at all costs. Limit the exposure of your hair to direct sun, and you can keep your hair moisturized better.

Tie your hair and cover them properly before going out.

10. Leave-in conditioners will be good for your hair

If you want to keep your hair heavily conditioned, use leave-in conditioners, as these can improve the overall health of your hair. Additionally, these products protect hair from damaging elements while keeping it hydrated all day.


The 3B hair type is unique, and it also brings unique challenges. With tight curly strands, coarseness and frizz are the most common challenges. Along with these, it is essential to keep your hair hydrated as lack of hydration takes them towards damage.

Caring for Curly 3b Hair Type – FAQs

Q: When Should I Moisturize My Scalp And Hair?

Moisturizing scalp after taking a bath is the best.

Q: Is Oiling Good For Hair?

Yes, but you should only leave oil in your hair for a few hours and take a bath for additional benefits.

Q: How Can I Protect My Hair From Sunlight?

Keep your head covered to protect your hair from damage caused by sunlight.

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